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Our Downhill Skate Adventure in the Eastern Sierra

WARNING TO DECENT PEOPLE! Read no further. This piece is not for you. There are f-bombs all over this piece ‘coz that’s the way I f-bombin’ talk. I was psyched when I read Scott Peer’s mail asking whether I wanted to head up to the Eastern Sierra for a little skate with him and a […]

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Neil’s Near Death Experience And The Future Of Movies

This is the written version of  a PowerPoint presentation I gave to a room full of digital media artists on December 1, 2012 at the Pixel Hub conference in Montreal. I stand before you nearly fully unprepared for the coming revolution in motion pictures. Actually, I’m unprepared in most ways but completely READY in another […]

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Will we get all the way from Clark Gable to fully immersive entertainment?

The best thing about being a filmmaker is getting to sit in dark rooms with smart people and talk about cool ideas. I got to do it again recently at the Digital Motion Picture Center on Sony Pictures’s lot in Culver City, CA. I’ll tell you about the smart people I got to talk with […]

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Marching towards immersion

My biz partner Tim McGovern speaks in public often but his keynote for the Dicon 2012 International Digital Content Conference in Seoul, Korea last week was especially interesting to me. It’s title – New Digital Paradigms in Motion Picture Production and the Effect of High Frame Rates on Visual Effects Production – sounds like one of […]

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His Place in the Universe

In his copious spare time, my biz partner and Academy Award winner Tim McGovern is busy figuring out his place in the universe – literally. By “copious spare time” I mean all the extra time he’s got left over after: ­ –– dreaming up stories for Animated Family Films –– raising funds for our company […]

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Keith Richards – Take It So Hard

Kevin Coffey, a Facebook friend and talented animation artist, asked me what it was like working with Keith Richards when I produced the Take It So Hard music video for Keith and his band X-pensive Winos. Here’s my response: Kevin Coffey, Keith always showed up on time and blew the stage doors off with six […]

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‘Elephants are very human’

Since we’re developing an Animated Family Film about elephants we’re checking out a lot of video about them. The video at this url really brings home how closely related humans are to elephants.  

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Why I love internet marketing but not Kool cigarettes

I love internet marketing. I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin and webinars. But before I tell you why I like internet marketing so much, let me tell you what I don’t like about what internet marketing is replacing.   Several years ago, a company I was with produced a batch of TV commercials for […]

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We’re putting up a Kickstarter. Until a couple weeks ago we called it a “Kickstarter project”. But that term has gone the way of “movie project”. At least according to Tom Trenker who is as expert in these matters as anyone. Now you just make a “movie” or a “kickstarter”. No “project” required. So, we’re […]

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Meeting Dr. Who at UTA

Last Monday, my biz partner Tim McGovern and I found ourselves in a conference room at United Talent Agency with Matt Smith, the current Doctor Who. We have been working a lot with Tom Trenker of FilmAngels in recent weeks. Tom arranged for us to make a presentation right after a pitch by Matt, Lloyd […]

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