His Place in the Universe

In his copious spare time, my biz partner and Academy Award winner Tim McGovern is busy figuring out his place in the universe – literally.

The Milky Way from Tim’s house in LA.

By “copious spare time” I mean all the extra time he’s got left over after:


–– dreaming up stories for Animated Family Films

–– raising funds for our company

–– advising his kids about their education and careers

–– helping organize the Visual Effects Society’s awards program

–– traveling to Kenya to study elephant behavior

–– helping select the films to be nominated for Oscars for the VFX Branch of the Academy

–– hanging out in Belfast, Rwanda and Jerusalem to consult on a documentary film

–– giving a keynote address at a digital media conference in Korea

–– designing a music video for a singer that can be shot before she becomes too pregnant…

You know…the usual range of stuff that a gifted filmmaker spends his time on.

A couple days ago Tim published on Facebook some photos of the night sky that he shot from his neighborhood in Los Angeles.

I looked at the view of the stars in one photo and asked him, “Tim, Dude. What’s that cloud lookin’ shape in the sky on the left hand side of frame?”

Tim said, “Dude, it’s the Milky Way.

I said, “No way!”

He said, “Way! Milky Way. That’s our galaxy. That’s where we live. I stayed up ’til 2AM to shoot that.”

He was serious. He’d figured out how to get a consumer grade camera to take photos of our galaxy in the middle of one of the most brightly lit places on earth at night.

That’s not the full extent of Tim’s fascination with his relationship to heavenly bodies.

For the past couple years Tim has been shooting and editing a time lapse film that shows the intricate ballet of light that dances through his house differently each day according to the changing angle of the sun to the windows of his house.

He tantalized me with a 20 second preview a couple weeks ago.

The teaser was beautiful. Tim promised to preview his film on our blog soon.

So, when do we get to see it, Tim?

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George Merkert